We develop new business for you!

Triibus started to support clients with launching new technical products, processes and/or services to the market. We create new business and we open new markets, we implement new business models and cooperations, we anticipate on technology changes, we support you with developing innovations, and much more.

Many of clients have already great ideas, products and/or services, and they want to enjoy our contribution to maximize the (commercial) benefits and achieve greater things. That is what we love to do, and where we are good at.

Sometimes we give only advice, and more often we consult ánd execute. In both cases we take maximum responsibility, not only for the short term, but long term. Our clients want to be part of us, and we want to be part of you. Right in the middle, with full engagement.

Our expertise is in the hightech industry, the global automotive market, machine & equipment manufacturers, chemical market, engineering consultancy, and executive & engineering recruitment.

About us

TRIIBUS is a consultancy company, based in Sittard, in the south of the Netherlands. It is our ambition to have positive impact on our clients and their stakeholders, while improving people's life and our planet. TRIIBUS is an expert when it comes to execute changes driven by social and techology transformations.

Luc van Neer

Managing Director

Local focus,

global expertise

Our Markets

An entrepreneur with passion for technical products & processes, and commercializing them to the market, experienced leader in various roles and businesses.

"It is my personal vision and ambition to create true impact on people and organizations to make the difference in changing era"

Triibus operates mainly in the South of the Netherlands, Nordrhein-Westfalen (Germany) en in Belgium. We have a strong local netwerk en knowledge, and at the same time we understand the global market through many years of internal business experience

Hightech industry

Automotive Supplier Industry

Machines & Equipment